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Framework X promotes modularity, as each component has a specific role and can be developed, tested, and maintained independently. This separation also enhances collaboration among developers working on different parts of the application. Additionally, Framework X is build on MVC, MVC supports flexibility, as changes in one component do not necessarily impact the others. This architecture is widely used in web development, desktop applications, and mobile apps due to its clear separation of responsibilities and its ability to accommodate evolving requirements and user interfaces.


Framework X does not support View Layer of MVC by default as it is an API framework. However, you can use any view layer of your choice with Framework X.


Support Framework X

  • You can also support the project by following the organization and Star ⭐ the project on GitHub
  • Contribute by submitting issues and pull requests
  • Share the project with your friends and colleagues, any and all support is appreciated. 🙏
  • If you find this Framework useful, We will always appreciate a strong cup of coffee.