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Framework X comprises a number of features that are designed to make it easy to build and maintain complex web applications. These features include:

  • An MVC based architecture for building scalable applications
  • A routing solution that lets you build single-page applications with ease
  • Inbuilt testing Architecture that lets you test your application's code with ease
  • TypeScript support
  • A CLI that lets you create, build, test, and run your application with ease
  • ORM support (sequelize, mongoose)
  • Multiple Package Manager support (npm, yarn, pnpm, bun)
  • Inbuilt support for multiple databases via ORM
  • Inbuilt support for multiple templating engines (ejs, pug, handlebars, mustache, nunjucks, twig, vash, and more) via Express
  • Docker support
  • Inbuilt Repository Pattern for building scalable applications
  • Logging support using Simple Node Logger
  • Inbuilt support for Super Charged Cache With Redis. See Cache documentation for more details
  • Inbuilt support for Nodemailer with MJML for sending emails. See Mailer documentation for more details

Support Framework X

  • You can also support the project by following the organization and Star ⭐ the project on GitHub
  • Contribute by submitting issues and pull requests
  • Share the project with your friends and colleagues, any and all support is appreciated. 🙏
  • If you find this Framework useful, We will always appreciate a strong cup of coffee.